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Sceintific Proof: from on 2002-12-15

Hello all, I am researching food combining. Does anyone know where I can find scientific research on food combining. I have read a lot of claims, but nothing which references sceintific journals or papers.



Re: Sceintific Proof: from s who did not understand his reference to foods rich in the on 2002-12-17

Dr Howard Hay's instructions were to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Much of what he wrote was then misinterpreted by Nothing whatsoever to do with whether the food is acid or alkaline.

He did point out that the digestive system prepares differently for a meal high in protein compared to a meal high in starch - and so best to keep these meals separate.
You won't find this research under the title 'food combining' ( not the done thing ) but you will find it if you look for optimum environments for human digestive enzymes.

Food combining is also a very effective way of regulating food intake and so makes an easy slimming diet.


Re: Sceintific Proof: from on 2003-07-28

Hi James,

I'm also searching for scientific evidence about the Hay diet.
Did you already find any?

Regards Joost
(The Netherlands

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