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Re: sequential eating: from Woz on 2003-08-12

I have been doing this a couple of weeks and am getting on very well with it so far

Re: sequential eating: from fish on 2003-09-01

and did you try food combining before? Can you compare these two approaches?

Re: sequential eating: from Woz on 2003-09-12

I tried food combining about two years ago I think. I am following a mix of the two.
On a typical workday I will eat the following

Breakfast 6.00am
Millet porridge with nothing added. (starch)
Follwed by six raw eggs.

Chilled millet porridge

Same as 10.00

Same as 10.00

Fruit using Dr Bass' guide for the order of types of fruit in what order.
Otherwise I will eat blended vegetables with a little Udo's choice oil.

Meat, fish or eggs

Maybe have more later as well

Re: sequential eating: from Tracy on 2008-11-07


I was just browsing the forum and wanted to put my two cents in.

I think a mix of food combining and sequential eating is ideal. It will surely be easier to figure out what to eat next if there is only one type of concentrated food on the plate.

I have tried food combining and I know that it works. I've decided to test sequential eating by itself and see if I get the same results. If not, I'll go back to food combining and eat sequentially as well.

One thing is for sure; both systems are tough on the beginner. I started food combining as a means to force myself to eat more vegetables and it worked, but trying to figure out which vegetables to eat everyday (to ensure variety) is very difficult for me. The fact that I dislike lettuce and cucumber as well as uncooked vegetables doesn't help either.



Re: sequential eating: from Tracy on 2008-12-13


This is an update on my sequential eating trial.

For me, it took a few weeks to really feel results. It wasn't as instant as food combining, but this system works too.

I'm not overrun with flatulence, and I don't get nausea as often either. It certainly is easier for me to eat this way. That way I can have a protein with each meal. I eat one starch and one protein per meal, if I get to the protein before I'm full (ha, ha)

I've recently started weighing my food as well. It's amazing what you learn about how much you can survive on when you weigh everything. I've discovered that I can (and should) only eat up to 16 oz. of food at any one time and sometimes not even that much, if I have fruit or water too close to the meal.

If anyone has any questions about food sequencing, feel free to ask here or e-mail me (thall at wiznet dot ca).

Again, the two systems work well together, and I encourage the food combiners to sequence as well for highly efficient digestion.