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skin and food combining...snacks too: from on 2002-09-24

I am new to this diet, am trying hard so far (all of two days) don't need to lose weight exactly because I am ideal BMI, but would like to lose bloated stomach and main reason.. to clear up huge and painful under-the-skin spots that are persistently popping up around my chin and mouth and jawline..(i never used to get any spots)....i heard that spots in this area can be a sign of digestive problems...i was also tentatively diagnosed as suffering from odd bouts of IBS when i was a student, but lazily i never bothered to change my diet because i love food too much!
Any thoughts or remarks on skin problems clearing...fyi i am also cutting out dairy and limiting my wheat at the same time as doing this.

Also, i have a very fast metabolism and always seem to be hungry or craving something...i only seem to feel full if i eat loads of starchy things and i love chocolate...can chocolate fit into a Hay diet plan anywhere? (obviously when i suss out if dairy is a problem or not for me!) Also, will these cravings go away as my body gets used to its new plan...Any ideas for tasy snacks that will combine with anything...i have spent today snacking on Brazil nuts!..cheers Anna

Re: skin and food combining...snacks too: from Peter on 2002-10-01

You may find it worthwhile to keep a diary of what you eat, and any observations about health and how you feel.
Don't eat a lot of any one food, and eat plenty of variety.
That may help you decide whether some foods cause you problems.


Re: skin and food combining...snacks too: from ariestiger on 2003-10-11

Hi Anna, I have same problem with spots. Currently consuming no alcohol, wheat, meat or caffeine. Chocolate does indeed play havoc with your hormones because of the caffeine. The moment I eat it I get an outbreak of spots. Same goes for dried fruit, perhaps because they have a v. high sugar content. I try to eat lots of fresh fruit & veg, grains such as quinoa, buckwheat etc., and to vary my diet, i.e. not eat the same thing at the same time every day, also not to eat certain foods more than 4 days a week. Also - I aim to exercise for 1 hour 3x/week. I have lapsed, and it doesn't pay! Nuts are great for a snack, so too are fresh fruit and veg. Also wheat-free popped corn cakes and rice crackers. Know what you mean about IBS, get it myself from dairy products that are too creamy - or oranges!

Good luck!