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soya beans: from on 2003-04-07

Are soya beans the same as soy beans? I bought something called soya beans thinking it was the same as soy beans, but noticed when I was looking for recipes online the soy beans were bright green and the soya beans are brown and seemed to be a bit smaller. Can anyone clear this up for me? I am just starting to experiment with a lot of soy products and would really appreciate any information on the subject.

Re: soya beans: from on 2003-04-24

wendy, i think peter is taking a nap :)

i do believe they are one and the same. i've always regarded them as such...

must be the same beans in different phases.


Re: soya beans: from Peter on 2003-04-25

Fresh soya beans are green, they grow brown as they dry for storage.
Similar to fresh peas / dried peas.


Re: soya beans: from on 2003-05-06

They are indeed one and the same.

What are you doing with them?


Re: soya beans: from on 2004-04-12

I am trying to find the green soya beans here in the UK.....fresh, dried or tinned or however they come..
I ate them recently in Hong Kong and they are delicious and soooo nutritious.I ate them by the bowl full.
All I can find are pale dried beige ones. Surely they can't be the same!!!
Do you know of a uk stockist please as none of my Health Stores here have even heard of green soya beans!

Please let me know
Thank you

Re: soya beans: from on 2004-05-04

I was told Thompson and Morgan sell the bean seeds but they have informed me they no longer stock them. Peter (or anyone) can you provide me with the name of a stockist in the UK?
I hope to hear from someone soon.
E M Gordon

Re: soya beans: from on 2005-02-15

I've just looked it up- in Sainsbury's and various places, they are often sold as 'Edamame'. I think it comes form the bean cultivators- a Japanese word. Hope this helps

Re soya beans: from Kemi on 2005-04-14

Soya (UK) Soy (USA). A lot has been said BUT not enough can be said about this MAGIC bean. Apart from the wealth of nutritional benefits, it is also a joy to cook with as it is so versatile in its various forms with the added advantage of being relatively bland, so you can adapt any flavour of your choice. For those new to eating soya products, it is worth knowing that there is a great deal of information available on this subject. In recent times I have modified my diet to include daily soya, though I am not a vegetarian. As I am also into creative cooking I have now developed a wheat-free multipurpose mix for cooking various recipes as soya is not just about Shakes, Creams, Tofu or Meat alternatives etc.

Re soya beans: from eyesil on 2006-06-16

I want to learn about starch ratio in the soya bean.