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soya beans: from on 2003-04-07

Are soya beans the same as soy beans? I bought something called soya beans thinking it was the same as soy beans, but noticed when I was looking for recipes online the soy beans were bright green and the soya beans are brown and seemed to be a bit smaller. Can anyone clear this up for me? I am just starting to experiment with a lot of soy products and would really appreciate any information on the subject.

Re: soya beans: from on 2003-04-24

wendy, i think peter is taking a nap :)

i do believe they are one and the same. i've always regarded them as such...

must be the same beans in different phases.


Re: soya beans: from Peter on 2003-04-25

Fresh soya beans are green, they grow brown as they dry for storage.
Similar to fresh peas / dried peas.


Re: soya beans: from on 2003-05-06

They are indeed one and the same.

What are you doing with them?


Soya: from Sandi on 2003-11-30

is it a protein?
what can it be eaten with

Re: Soya: from Peter on 2003-12-17

Soya is protein.


Re: soya beans: from on 2004-04-12

I am trying to find the green soya beans here in the UK.....fresh, dried or tinned or however they come..
I ate them recently in Hong Kong and they are delicious and soooo nutritious.I ate them by the bowl full.
All I can find are pale dried beige ones. Surely they can't be the same!!!
Do you know of a uk stockist please as none of my Health Stores here have even heard of green soya beans!

Please let me know
Thank you

Re: soya beans: from on 2004-05-04

I was told Thompson and Morgan sell the bean seeds but they have informed me they no longer stock them. Peter (or anyone) can you provide me with the name of a stockist in the UK?
I hope to hear from someone soon.
E M Gordon

Re: soya beans: from on 2005-02-15

I've just looked it up- in Sainsbury's and various places, they are often sold as 'Edamame'. I think it comes form the bean cultivators- a Japanese word. Hope this helps