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Re soya beans: from Kemi on 2005-04-14

Soya (UK) Soy (USA). A lot has been said BUT not enough can be said about this MAGIC bean. Apart from the wealth of nutritional benefits, it is also a joy to cook with as it is so versatile in its various forms with the added advantage of being relatively bland, so you can adapt any flavour of your choice. For those new to eating soya products, it is worth knowing that there is a great deal of information available on this subject. In recent times I have modified my diet to include daily soya, though I am not a vegetarian. As I am also into creative cooking I have now developed a wheat-free multipurpose mix for cooking various recipes as soya is not just about Shakes, Creams, Tofu or Meat alternatives etc.

Re soya beans: from eyesil on 2006-06-16

I want to learn about starch ratio in the soya bean.

Re soya beans: from eyesil on 2006-06-16

I want to learn about starch ratio in the soya bean.

Re soya beans: from Peter on 2006-06-16

Soy or Soya beans have equal quantities of starch and protein.

35\% of each in the dry bean or bean flour.
12\% of each in the green beans
I would treat them as protein for a protein meal.

The healthiest option is the sprouted bean. 8.5\%protein and 6.5\% starch

Re: soya beans: from pmb on 2007-04-12

Birds eye do frozen ones they are delicious

Re: soya beans: from Elizabeth Slaughter on 2008-03-08

Tesco & Sainsburys sell green soya beans in their freezer cabinets.Delicious

Re: soya beans: from GAe on 2008-06-20

You can buy fresh frozen soya beans at Waitrose .. treat as peas and add to quinoa, cous cous etc

soya beans: from graeme on 2008-08-26

Believe what you are all talking about is probably Edemame. these are young soya bean in their pod, served in japanese cuisine boiled or steamed and sprinkled with salt. You can buy them frozen in any good oriental supermarket

Re: soya beans: from Patricia Johnston on 2010-02-05

Did you ever get an answer to finding a stockist of the seeds in the UK as I too am trying to find a seed source.I did today buy frozen ones from Tesco (£1.99) so until I find a stockist at least I can carry on eating them ?.Where did you find the dried ones as I was wondering if you could soak and sow them

Re: soya beans: from RichardD on 2010-07-26

Hi Patricia,

You should be able to soak the dry beans available from Tesco etc., until they start sprouting (a few days required), then plant them. I think they will best grow indoors though

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