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Re: Special needs Cerebral Palsy: from Stacy on 2007-06-09

Hi ,

I have a three year old son with cerebral palsy and I recently changed hid diet over to food combining to because he had a lot of digestive problems and suffered from terrible reflux. The diet has worked miracles with his reflux, and he looks happy and healthy, but I just cannot get him to put on any weight, since starting the diet. Children with Cerebral Palsy have problems putting weight on anyway, any have extremely high energy requirements, but there is only so much you can get a three year old to eat. He also cannot tolerate a lot of foods which would be good for him, even if they are properly combined, like avocados, goats milk, cheese, bananas and most fruit. Also, all of his food has to be blended like a baby's. I really don't want to stop his food combining diet because it has helped him so much with his digestion. He has gone from being sick about ten times per day, to being sick about once a week. Big difference! Do you have any ideas on how I could tackle his diet, and get more calories into him?