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spondulitus: from on 2004-04-04

A friend of mine has been told that he has spondulitus. I am not so sure so can someone please tell me what the symptoms are

Re: spondulitus: from on 2004-12-03

my friend has been told he has spondulitus, but doesn`t even know what it is, but has just accepted the tablets! can anyone guide us to somewhere that can tell us what spondulitus is

Re: spondulitus: from Satya on 2006-12-19

My ankylosing spondylitis started in 1976. It can be cassed as a type of artritis. Its an immune system imbalance (concerning calcium and phosphate metabolism) whereby the mineral calcium begins to deposit at the joints of the vertebrae.It can spread to other parts of the body. It has active and non-active periods.

It normally starts at lumber joints and can move up to other joints. It is like welding the bones at the joints. Calcium is the welding material. The end result is that the joint has been bridged by solid calcium. Movement gone.


When active that is when the calcium is being deposited. That particular joint will be inflamed with a lot of pain. Pain is normally paralysing to movements. So painful you don't want to move that joint. But if you keep moving that joint during the inflamed period (which can last for days to weeks to months) the depositing calcium will not be able to 'solder' the joint. So take anti-infammatary pain killers and move!!!! that joint. The trick is to recognise that pain within hours of inflamation and suppress it early with normal anti-inflammatary. The earliar the better. It will subside within a day or two. If not attended to early then the normal overthecounter tabs will be too week to help.


Sleep on firm surface to keep the spine straight as much as possible. Otherwise your spine can get 'soldered' in a crroked position and even get a hunch back. After 30 years my back is straight. My case was diognised too late. Lots of vertabrae had fused and lost movement. But I was instictively keeping my spine straight while sleeping.


1. Get your immpune system balanced as much as possible. Comsume all minerals (kelp from the sea and alfalfa from land gives you most natural and cheap source)

2. Reduse stress in your life. Stress is a matter of attitude with which you react to an experience. It can be easily fixed - even instantly when a certain realisation dawns about life. For me my mind works quickly to find a solution. Solution A. Then plan B and so on. There is a lesson to be learned in every experience - it may come immediately or later. Not get stressed. No time to get stressed. My emotions settle down quickly, within seconds not days and weeks and months ... and a lifetime ... some people do carry it to their grave. Meditation can give you the ability to settle down quickly. Females should me more careful about hanging on to emotions.

On further contact I would help in adding two more very important remedies. The medical practice does not have a cure but it can effectively supress it with undesirable side effects Alternate medicine can fair better but have not come across specific results.

I am living painfree without any medication for last 5 yrs (since 2000). 1976 to 1999 was a living hell.

Hope tthis helps



Re: spondulitus: from Mike Weaver on 2007-04-17

Have just been informed by my GP, that the following results of my X-ray, reveal that I have the above. Next for me is a blood test ABS 27 ??.

So can any one tell what I'm likley to find out.

Re: spondulitus: from margaret jones on 2007-06-09

Hi there

I have just been diagnosed with spondulitus of the neck and would like to know more about it if anyone can forward on to me i would be grateful

Re: spondulitus: from hazel on 2007-09-08

i have a friend that have this kind of disease and they called it spondulitus in his neck..Can you tell me what is the best remedy to take? Can effect also his food in take?What food that he can't eat..? Just help me what to do so that i know what the best thing i can to for him...I hoped you can advice me what should i do..Please reply me i'm wating to you response....

best regards,


Re: spondulitus: from steve mieras on 2009-11-01

I too, have had AS since 1976, with all similar occurrances and experiences. Recent discovery of Starch Foods as a fuel source for the Kleibsella Bacteria to expound and help kill cells and form boney calcium (fusion) through an Auto Immune Response. I am HLA B27 posi, and have noticed a reduction in IBS and the Bad Bacterial feelings in the gut and colon since minimizing starch form diet.

Would like to learn more, and you ?

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