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Re: starch free diet - cakes: from Boudicca on 2008-03-07

It is possible to have cakes on a totally starch free diet, as long as one uses coconut flour (or ground almonds but coconut is best).

Lemon Drizzle cake for one:

approx: 300 cals

1 egg

2 tbs coconut flour

25g sugar (fructose)

lemon juice (approx half lemon)

1ts lemon essence

(with icing)

icing sugar

lemon juice/essence

add: 100 cals.

mix egg, sugar and lemon essence together; add flour through sieve; mix until consistency is sponge like (add more lemon juice if too stiff).

In a baking tin, put greace proof paper; add the cake mixture; bake in over for 15-25 minutes - put knife in side to check if cooked; if no crumbs come off knife, cake is ready. Take out of oven. Let cool. When ready make icing sugar and pour over.

Other non-starch cakes can be made in same way: for coffee and walnut cake, simply subsitute strong coffee liquid for lemon juice (I use decaf coffee) and add walnuts; for chocolate cake, use water/cocoa powder etc. Experiment. These cakes are great!


Re: starch free diet - cakes: from Peter on 2010-09-11

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