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Re: starch free diet: from on 2004-07-28

Hi Diane

I also live in NZ, in Wellington to be precise. I have AS and I am battling to find non-starchy foods. I bought the book IBS starch free diet and it helps a lot - the chocolate cake is devine!!!

I have now been starch free for 30 days, but over the past week i had some starchy items and I have broken into very bad pimples on my face, wonder if it is a reaction to the starch.



Re: starch free diet: from on 2004-08-26

Check out https://groups.yahoo.com/group/SCDrecipes

Re: starch free diet: from on 2004-08-26


Re: starch free diet: from on 2004-10-09

I once found a recipe for a starch-free pizza on the kick-ass website. Is anyone aware of it? Please help me, as im finding it hard.
Regards, James

Re: starch free diet: from on 2004-10-14

i need to know what happens when you combine starch andiodine. i am only 12 years old in 6 grade

Re: starch free diet: from on 2004-11-19

Hi there, I too have ben having trouble finding suitable starch free recipes. Here are a few ideas I have worked out for myself that may help some people:
Breakfast: Portions of preserved Apricots with chopped dates and a handful of raisins. (Amazingly filling!)
Lunch: A very small portion of cold baked beans (not totally starch free but I need it for energy), chunks of celery filled with cottage cheese and chives (as much as you like) some black olives, dates and, or raisins.
Dinner: Mixed salad (with everything you can think of in it!) gherkins and salmon (or, meat loaf, corned beef or chicken)
I do very physical work on a vineyard and thought, initially, that this diet may affect my energy level. However, it seems to have improved it. I'm 68 years old and still working a 50 - 60 hour week and loving it.
Hope this is of some help

starch free diet: from on 2004-11-24

hi ya...
im hopeing someone can help me...
im looking for starch free diet and this seems to be the only website.. thing that has come up...
I have a friend and her 3 year old has just been diagnosed as being starch intolerant... and was hopeing to find some information's for my friend to ease her brain...
can anyone help me with some ideas or websites to turn to.. please

Re: starch free diet: from on 2004-12-12

Hey my partner has ankylosing spondylitis too in his sacroilliac joints and hes been eating starch free for about a year now and experiencing extensive relief, another useful nutritional thing which we have found has helped heaps with pain is Usana health supplements. they do an antioxident and glucosamine supplements which are pharmaceutical grade...fish oil is really good too...an my mother in law says to use almond flour instead of regular for starch free cakes and buscuits just add fruit, or raisins and Stevia a natural sweetner( as opposed to sugar which further increases the level of inflammation in the body) you can probably buy these ingrediants at your local organic store and or wholesale store.

Hope some of this info mite help...im looking for new recipies too if you get any good ones can you please forward them to me, its hard when all the good stuff has starch in it and you have to eat the same every day all day!!! And it sux for us who live with them to hear them moaning that theres nothing to eat!!!



Re starch free diet: from Julia on 2005-05-07

I have Rheumatoid arthritis and have been pretty pain free for many years until recently when I've started getting joint pain again and also become allergic as in what seems to be hayfever or the like. I also get the occasional bad skin problems. I'm too heavy for my height which adds to the prob. I also suffer with what seems to be a sinus type or excess mucous problem. Could all these symptoms be alleviated by starting the starch free diet by Carol Sinclair?
Would love to hear anyone's views.

Re starch free diet: from Peter on 2005-05-07

There is a syndrome of symptoms that include arthritis that shows improvement on a gluten-free diet.

Avoiding all starch may not be necessary.

Have a look at http//www.peter-thomson.com/glutenfree/index.html