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Re: starch free diet: from on 2003-10-20

Hi Woz, How are you? thanks for reply, Im still learning about foods cos all this is new to me. As ive never been allergic to any foods in the past untill my immune system became weak from an excessive amount of antibiotic usage. so your advice is very much appreciated. :-)
I do eat chicken whole, And i love the skin (my favourite part)
I eat red meat so that obviously helps then.
And also eat eggs but not as much.
My biggest problem at the moment is ive lost too much weight because of having to cut down my starch intake, and im not really sure how to put it back on. Im usually quite thin but dont like to be any thinner or id look sick Hee. Did you have problems with wheat & sugar too woz?
Best Regards

Re: starch free diet: from on 2003-10-31

Hello Deb,

Sounds to me like you really need to be tested. You might then be able to find out something new you can eat so you can put weight back on.
I am allergic or intolerant to wheat, it always gave me a lot of mucus problems. Wheat affects a lot of people.I have never got on very well with sugar. I seem to absorb it too quickly and so it makes me feel bad

Re: starch free diet: from on 2003-10-31

Sorry Dianne I have called you Deb. I shouldn't have written this yet. I fell asleep in the lounge and only just woke up

Re: starch free diet: from on 2003-10-31

Hi Woz, how are you. Have you woke up yet :)
Hard case, Yes for some reason im reacting to wheat & sugar too, They give me breathing problems ( inflammation) & sugar makes me shakey,fatigued. like hypoglycaemia.
What kind of allergy specialist would you recommend woz?
Thanks and best regards

Re: starch free diet: from on 2003-11-01

Hello Diane.

I came in from work yesterday feeling a little tired and like I said I fell asleep in the lounge. I was only asleep for about an hour but felt very groggy when I woke up. I don't like falling asleep during the day because of the way I feel afterwards. I saw the name Deb at the top of this thread and it must have got stuck in my head.
Anyway, in answer to your question about allergy specialists. I am certainly no expert on who you should see but I went to someone that uses a vega machine to test for allergies, intolerances and infections. There are two links below that talk about vega machines, they both borrow from the same sources but one is cautious about how effective they really are and the other is for them. I found it an effective tool and don't care if there is proof or not. My health improved greatly after being tested with one of these and that's all I care about. I got the results of the test there and then but I also had a hair analysis some time later to be a bit more thorough. There are other methods of testing such as muscle testing etc but you will have to do a search at the library or on Google to find out about them. Originaly I went to the National Health Service but they are far to slow.

All the best, Woz

Re: starch free diet: from on 2003-11-03

Houdy Doody Woz, how are you today?
Thanks for the info on the Vega Machine, Im openminded and when all else fails I beleive there is always a solution to the problem if you look hard enough & dont give up. :-)
I will go see an allergist of some sort.
Yes Wheat has become a problem for me, White Flour, biscuits,
Starchy foods, Its finding foods to replace those thats the hardest part. Ive been a bread eater all my life, I find that other foods just arn't filling enough. Anyway woz i hope you have a lovely day.
Best Regards

Re: starch free diet: from on 2003-11-25

my doctor has told me to try this to eliminate my Ankylosig Spondulitus problems (a rare form of Athritus) I know of other suffers who have tried this and it has worked but its imposilbe to get any one to tell you what to eat

Re: starch free diet: from on 2003-11-25

Hi Emma, Thanks for your email, Yes i do beleive that eliminating certain foods can reduce arthritis, I am suffering with muscle & joint pains & aches too because of the inflammation created from the starchy or acidic foods im eating, but like you said its hard to know what to eat to replace the starches.
I have been eating a lot of fish & salad instead sometimes, but you soon get sick of that after a while too.
what foods are you eating now emma, that you wernt eating b4?
Best Regards

Re: starch free diet: from Peter on 2003-12-02

Diet related arthritis is often a symptom of gluten allergy.
For a lot more details look at the celiac pages and forum on this site.


Re: starch free diet: from on 2003-12-02

Hi Peter, thanks for your email, I have wandered about gluten allergy, my doctor has tested me for that via bloodtest & it showed negative reaction. so i ruled that out.
I am also aware that some bloodtests dont always give an accurate reading, so do you know of other ways i can be tested for this gluten intolerance?
I do get irritable bowel & burning skin when i eat brown bread which is made me wander if its the gluten, cos white bread doesnt affect my bowel the same.
Do you have a gluten intolerance peter?
Thanks for your email peter, and have a nice day.
Kind Regards