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Re: starch free diet: from Peter on 2003-12-08

Yes, I have a gluten intolerance, diagnosed mainly from a detailed record of what I was eating and the symptoms that appeared - long before any blood tests were available. I cannot eat anything with soya either, even the soya lecithin in chocolate bars is enough to make me ill.

I wrote the book on gluten-free cookery because there was nothing written by a coeliac sufferer available (all the others were written by journalists / professional writers with no personal experience of having to live with the condition) This developed into an interest in other diets, and the realisation that the essence of the Hay diet had some merit.

These web sites are maintained without any sponsorship in the hope that others may benefit from un-biassed information.

I am a tutor with the Open University, but do not have any medical qualifications, so this is not medical advice - simply a guide to information for you to evaluate.


Re: starch free diet: from on 2003-12-08

Hi Peter, Thanks for your email, what you are doing sounds really great, good on you for helping others. I react to dairy milk chocolate now too since these allergys or intolerances have started, If i eat it i get headaches, & other symptoms.
My dietician asked me if i see someone from mental health, which is a laugh to me cos i do not need a shrink to tell me what to think. this discusts me that the medical profession is so ignorant & want to prescribe countless drugs to inoccent people.
I told her that i will not take drugs they like to call medicine, cos the drugs are the reason i have these intolerances now. id rather get to the root of the problem not cover it up or add to it.
You see peter I was prescribed 12 courses of antibiotics over a period of a year which i know now was un-nessesary, and they stripped my immune system to only create allergys, not to mention the other un-nessesary pills prior to that i was prescribed. its no wander i have so many sentivities. but in my opinion most doctors here just wont take the time to find the real problem, instead they prescribe counless pills which only result in further sickness as a pill is not a magic bullet that only goes to the target area, it has unwanted actions elsewhere in the human body. (these are what they call side effects) all this totally discusts me. you see so many cases of iatrogenisis here in new zealand.the only people who benefit from the drugs are the doctors who have prescribed them, the drug company, not the patient. cos the patient once prescribed them gets sicker, then off he or she goes back to the doctor to only be prescribed more, its just a tragic roundabout. so that ticked me right off that the dietician asked me that. anyway peter keep up your great work, and have a lovely day.
Best Regards

Re: starch free diet: from on 2004-02-19

br /> Plese issue help on the starch free diet mentioned.
Thank you

Re: starch free diet: from on 2004-02-20

Hi David, how are you today?
You asked me to issue help on the starch free diet.
But no one has asked for help
Kind Regards

Re: starch free diet: from on 2004-03-23

hello i want to loose weight i hear that starct away is a good pill to lose weight and to keep it off i would like to try it is there any sigh i would buy it i dont want my mom to now but i will pay a lot of money if i could have the money i am 18 years old. Thanks write back to me when ever

Re: starch free diet: from on 2004-03-23

Hi Ana, how are you?
Personally I wouldn't take a pill to lose weight, Sometimes medicating yourself to cover one problem, just creates another, you need to look for the reason why you have put on weight, then find a solution to help it.
I would just watch the kind of foods you are eating,
Cut out all junk food and see if that makes a difference.
Some medications can make you put on weight too, so if you take any then take that into consideration too.
Try eating fish, veges, fruit, meat,if you can eat these and watch your intake of bread, flour products, sugar.
what do you usually eat ana?
Best Regards
Diane Blakemore

Re: starch free diet: from on 2004-03-23

Hello Ana.

Please don't take drugs to lose weight. You need to orgaize a proper meal plan to keep weight off. Not something that just makes you lose weight. You can not possibly keep taking those pills for the rest of your life can you? I doubt it was drugs that made you put weight on was it? So you don't need drugs to lose it either.

Eat more fruit and veg in place of bread, pasta and breakfast cereals.
Eat a lot of fruit for breakfast. Enough to keep you going until mid morning. Gradualy make this the biggest meal of the day and make your last meal one of the smallest. You can do it if you give it time.
Have a mid morning feed of wholesome food.
Have a good midday meal.
Maybe a snack late afternoon but not junk.
Eat a healthy dinner which is low in grain products like bread and pasta and also low in potatoes but have plenty of other veg instead

Copy and paste the URL below. It is just a little more diet advice I left on a board I use to frequent. There is nothing commercial there.



Re: starch free diet: from on 2004-04-04

A friend of mine has been diagnosed with spondulitus. We are not so sure. Can anyone tell me exactley what are the symptoms

Re: starch free diet: from on 2004-04-04

A friend of mine has been diagnosed with spondulitus. We are not so sure. Can anyone tell me exactley what are the symptoms

Re: starch free diet: from on 2004-05-15

Starch and wheat allergy, if i eat either i have a form of cystitis within 20 minutes
of eating the product. Should I have a food intolerance test

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