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Re: starch free diet: from on 2004-12-12

Hey my partner has ankylosing spondylitis too in his sacroilliac joints and hes been eating starch free for about a year now and experiencing extensive relief, another useful nutritional thing which we have found has helped heaps with pain is Usana health supplements. they do an antioxident and glucosamine supplements which are pharmaceutical grade...fish oil is really good too...an my mother in law says to use almond flour instead of regular for starch free cakes and buscuits just add fruit, or raisins and Stevia a natural sweetner( as opposed to sugar which further increases the level of inflammation in the body) you can probably buy these ingrediants at your local organic store and or wholesale store.

Hope some of this info mite help...im looking for new recipies too if you get any good ones can you please forward them to me, its hard when all the good stuff has starch in it and you have to eat the same every day all day!!! And it sux for us who live with them to hear them moaning that theres nothing to eat!!!



Re starch free diet: from Julia on 2005-05-07

I have Rheumatoid arthritis and have been pretty pain free for many years until recently when I've started getting joint pain again and also become allergic as in what seems to be hayfever or the like. I also get the occasional bad skin problems. I'm too heavy for my height which adds to the prob. I also suffer with what seems to be a sinus type or excess mucous problem. Could all these symptoms be alleviated by starting the starch free diet by Carol Sinclair?
Would love to hear anyone's views.

Re starch free diet: from Peter on 2005-05-07

There is a syndrome of symptoms that include arthritis that shows improvement on a gluten-free diet.

Avoiding all starch may not be necessary.

Have a look at http//www.peter-thomson.com/glutenfree/index.html


Re starch free diet: from on 2006-02-16


Re starch free diet: from John on 2006-02-18

What an interesting and helpful thread. I've been starch free for quite some time now on a very minimal diet.

Back around mid 1997 I come down with what seemed like the usual winter flu that persisted for a couple weeks before visting the doctor, who put me on antibiotics for another 2 weeks and then ran a series of blood test for all sorts of diseases, viral infections, ceolliac, allergy skin prick etc etc. Many of the test being repeated by various specialists as time went on.

At the worst stage symptoms were, sore throat without redness, diorrhea, sleep 16hrs instead of 8, total lethargy the rest of the time, itchy ear canal, reduced sense of balance, reduced memory and thought capability, mucus from every orifice, light red urine, insatiable thirst with normal blood glucose readings, occassional joint soreness, and muscle spasm after any attempt at work.

Of all the tests, the ceolliac blood test was the only test that came back anything but normal. The part A of the test was in the normal range while part B was borderline at the high limit. Ignoring the doctors proclomation that I was not ceolliac I went gluten free unknowinlgy removing a great proportion of starch from my diet also.

This provided some improvement for a few weeks. But I seemed slide back too illness within 3 months. A specialist then thought a rice elimination diet was in order, which was doing a fine job of eliminating me within a week. Giving up all manner of grains, seeds, nuts again bought some improvement for a short period.

The upside of the rice starch overload was it highlighted the timing and order of the resulting symptoms. From this point I tried fruit and meats for a while resulting in a period of improvement then slow downhill slide over months.

Eventually after getting down to meats, some fruit and a couple of veggies things were going along fine for longer periods, but still returning to illness over a longer period.

I struck paydirt about 4 years when the allergy specialist suggested avoiding anything that reacted to iodine. My symptoms started 24hrs after starch ingestion and his field of expertise was for reactions within minutes of ingestion of the wrong thing.

He sent me on my way with that suggestion which removed celery and mango from my diet. I've been on Cadbury white chocalate, lettuce, rockmellon, unprocessed meat ever since. Only occassionaly getting caught by chefs who don't listen and suffering a week of symptoms.

Potions from the naturopath have failed to fix me, only catch me out due to starch content.

After a long clean spell I felt careless enough to try almond meal after it passed the iodine test as best I could tell. I appeared Ok with it and thought I'd do a almond/starch google search resulting in finding this sight.

Up too this point It seemed I was only person alive with starch intolerance, as all manner of searches didn't turn up anything previously. Plus most of the medical profession are too quick too call your mental health into question when they can't work it out.

Hopefully the book and links will help me widen my diet without further illness.

I hope my short novel helps others too stay well.



Re starch free diet: from cris on 2006-05-12

please i need some starch free recipes, someone please HELP.

Re starch free diet: from Jan Plotkin on 2006-06-09


I am trying to find out more about the starch free diet. I am already gluten and dairy free due to allergies and am afraid I will loose too much weight if I give up all starch. Does anyone know if beans are allowed? I have severe AS pain in my back and pelvis and would like to try a non-drug approach. THanks

Re starch free diet: from Mary on 2006-11-26

My daughter is now 26 years old and she has ankylosing spondylitis.It is more common in men than in women. Her signs started out with her big toe swelling up. Then it moved to both of her feet.They swelled up so bad that her bones started breaking. The doctors found out it was A.S. She went on Predison to get the swelling down .Her feet are back to normal and most of her pain is in her neck and back. Her feet do hurt time to time. This all happen when she was 19 years old . She has been on other medications too. She is on no medication other than two aleave in the morning and two at night. She also has muscle pain. Not sure if that is AS. WE think that is fibromylgia. She is going to give the starch free diet a chance. That must mean she is in a lot of pain because she is the type that says she would reather die than give up her potatos and bread. By looking at her, you would never know that there is anything wrong.Only her close friends really know how much pain she is in. It is easy to forget because of this. Hope this helps.

Re starch free diet: from andrew on 2006-12-03

Can anyone suggest what it is about ingesting cooked starch that causes inflammation ? It seems to me that cooked starch is very quickly turned to maltose and maltose into glucose if we are producing enzymes as we should. Could it be that the real problem is something associated with starchy food sources,e.g.lectins, rather than the starch or its metabolites ? And has anyone successfully reduced their inflammation by treating themselves with digestive enzymes ? I get inflammation in numerous parts of my body when I ingest starch but I have found that enzymes tend to irritate my alredy irritated GI tract.

Re: starch free diet: from rosa on 2007-04-14

Hi I've had AS for about 20 years. I've had many flareups in that time but bascially I fight the disease with lots of movement and exercise on the good days & NSAIDS to help me sleep at night. I've recently heard of the Non Starch approach and am flabergatsed to see just how much of my diet actually is starch based (too much!). I'm now trying to find a list of all starchy foods. I've found the basics such as wheat, pasta, rice but I'm sure there is starch hidden in many many others. Is there a list or a counter (sauch as a calorie counter) available?? I'm considering getting the IBS Strach free diet book, but wonder if the UK based book will be relevant to Australian availablitlity and products??

Any info welcomed.


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