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Restante starch free food: from Lindsey Sutherland on 2009-03-31

Hi i was wondering if anyone can help i suffer from IBS and to help symptoms i am supposed to cut out resistant starches however i find it impossible to tell which products contain them. Any ideas, brands or food i should not eat

starch free diet: from Belle on 2009-05-01

Did you click on the 'AS Food Guide" link on the kickas.org website? It gives you a list of all the foods your Dad can eat. We AS sufferers pretty much need to go without any breads. For snacks I like baked apples with honey and cinnamon on them, sugar free jello, raisins, a bowl of berries, cooked berries with honey and cinnamon, carrots, tuna salad (made with tuna from a pouch, not the can, celery,and real mayonaise). If you spend one day a week preparing some meals and snacks, you can just grab and go the rest of the week.


starch free diet: from Mary on 2009-10-17

I make bread, muffins, crackers, etc., with almond flour. Usually, I mix flaxseed meal with it. There are many, many recipes on Internet

Re: starch free diet: from darryn yates on 2010-01-09

you can test any food for starch using iodine. if the colour turns blue or black the food item contains starch. if it doesnt change colour - food item has no starch

starch free diet: from Maria on 2010-01-20

Greetings and sympathies to everyone on this page. I discovered I was seriously intolerant of starches (and other things) about 8 years ago and in this age where the promotion of wholegrains as the basis for a healthy diet is the paramount received wisdom I have found it very frustrating as I have yet to find a healthcare professional who believes me. As a consequence I have had to conduct my own little experiments and I have found that sticking to a low-carb diet has had a very positive effect physically and emotionally.

Before I blather on further, the reason I have posted this is to mention that my arthritis is aggravated (within the hour) by fruit. I know it's hard to accept because once again it defies conventional thinking, but I thought it might be of interest to others who are also looking for solutions outside of the System.

Best wishes and good health to all. Maria

Re: starch free diet: from Brianna on 2010-02-09


I just wanted to let you know that Pantothenic acid is vitamin B5. The B vitamins are great healers and energy boosters for the body. Most of them are water soluble so its really hard to ever over dose on them. Don't worry, its not a new medication, it's just a b vitamin. I know the B-complex vitamins are great! I hope this helps you out a little bit.


Brianna- esthetician and nutrition advocate

starch free diet: from adele on 2010-02-20

Hi all,

What a helpful and interesting thread. I am 34 years old ans also have AS and have been on a starch-free diet for 1 year now and have noticed a huge difference. Carol Sinclairs book on the IBS Low starch diet has been a massive help and I'm still learning.

Alison- Did you have a pastry recipe using seeds? Peanuts contain starch (apparantly they are not even a nut) blanched almonds and walnuts are starch free. I think flaxseed and sesame seeds are starch free too but sunflower seeds apparantly contain starch.

Mary- Can you post some links for the recipes for bread, muffins and crackers using almond flour (and flaxseed meal)?

I find coconut flour is great for sweet recipes but it does obviously taste of coconut (delicious in a home-made chicken korma) but I find that almond flour seems to be less dominant in it's taste and better for savouries and pancakes.

Baking powder contains starch but 1/2 ts cream of tartar and 1/2 bicarbonate of soda is supposed to be the equivalent of 1ts baking powder. I think there is a starch-free baking powder on the market somewhere too but I haven't found it yet as I live in Norway and food variety is limited here so I order coconut flour on the net from the UK.

Boudicca- Is there an icing sugar that doesn't contain cornstarch?

Thanks for the pizza recipe Mandy!

Good Luck Everyone!


Re: starch free diet: from Donna on 2010-08-17

White bread, as well as most any bread, is starchy. But, you may find a particular food law that will allow you to consume starches, provided you do not consume protein: (meat, eggs, peas, beans, nuts) at the same meal. For some reason, Beans and Rice are an exception, since the protein and starch in beans are perfectly naturally digestable, and rice makes the beans a complete protein.

But, what happens when eatting starchy foods along with protein, especially meat, is the toll it takes on the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM.

You may want to research it. There are books regarding this particular food law that explains it all.

But, as hard as it is to imagine such as Speghetti without the meat, it makes you get creative. For example Speghetti Squash, when baked, is fool of natural non-starchy noodles. And also, cheese, etc., can go with either the meat meal, or the starch meal.

You may just try this for a day, keeping starches (Potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, noodles, breads, peas, beans) seperate from your Meals with meat.

Veggies, other than mentioned are not starchy, and can go with either meal.

See how you feel when you try this, even if you can't think of what to prepare that sounds good to you.

If you find you feel great after eatting it, (Keep the PROTEIN, and STARCH meals at least 2 hours apart,) then you may want to do research on recipes to make such meals appetizing to you.

Also, as far as things that are ALKALINE: All raw veggies, except for the starchy ones, ALMONDS, OLIVES, MOLASSES, CAROB

Re: starch free diet - cakes: from Peter on 2010-09-11

testing changes

starch free diet: from Louise on 2010-12-16

There are recipes for savoury and sweet muffins, biscuits and crepes made with almond and coconut flours. They are usually high in egg to keep them springy. I highly recommend The New IBS Low Starch Diet by Carol Sinclair which explains the reason why this diet works for people with AS and has recipes. But more recipes are on the net too if you look under coconut flour and almond flour recipes. Savoury crepes can be used to roll up fillings instead of bread. Good luck to your Dad. I'm new to this diet and I'm sure it's starting to work.