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stumped: from on 2001-09-13

hi everybody is someone doing this way of eating for weight loss? i am doing thisfor weight loss but it is very slow. i have been on a stand still for over a month. i was just wondering if i am eating enough calories. i am exercising every day and doing about 3 mi a day. please if anyone has got any ideas it would be appreciated. linda traen

Re: stumped: from on 2001-09-15

HTML>If your weight is static on your present regime, you are almost there! If you are now taking more exercise than you did before, you will be building more healthy muscle and this will keep your weight static initially.

Look next at the amount of saturated fat you eat - meat fat, margarine, including that in any cakes, biscuits, sweets like chocolate and simply cut back on these.

You should then be moving into slow weight loss. Aim for a slight loss every month over a year or more.


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