34.Further health tips : Food Combining Hay Diet

The full text of the book published by Bloomsbury. Author Peter Thomson

  • Borage seed oil ( starflower oil ) is high in Gamma Linolenic Acid. Its anti inflammatory properties helps reduce swelling and tenderness of joints in rheumatoid arthritis. It has higher levels of this acid than evening primrose oil.

  • Cranberry juice can help protect against all types of urinary infections according to researchers at Boston USA.

  • Garlic has strong antibiotic properties.

  • Don't go on a calorie reduced diet to slim without taking plenty of exercise. Without the exercise you lose muscle, not fat. You'll end up weak and fat!

  • Red wine in moderation is good for older people only! A lot still damages your liver. For younger people the risks of developing liver cancer outweigh the health benefits of a glass of wine.

  • Suffer from mouth ulcers? You may be short of B vitamins, particularly thiamine, riboflavin and B6.

  • Women who suffer prolonged or heavy periods are likely to develop an iron deficiency.

  • Women who have premenstrual syndrome may lack vitamins B and C.

  • Vegetarians may develop iron deficiency.

  • Convenience foods are often low in vitamin B and magnesium.

  • If you don't eat fresh fruit and vegetables every day you may lack vitamin C, magnesium and potassium.

  • Heavy smokers need a much higher intake of vitamin C for good health.

  • Older people need to increase their intake of vitamin B, calcium, potassium and iron.

  • Are you tired all the time? Researchers at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge think low levels of folic acid might be part of the cause.