62.Ready meals, takeaways and cook/chill : Food Combining Hay Diet

The full text of the book published by Bloomsbury. Author Peter Thomson

No 'modern' take-aways or cook/chill can match the ease of preparation, or the nutritional value of bread, salads and an olive oil dressing.

It is often cheaper to call in at the nearest supermarket for fresh fruit and vegetables for salad, than to buy them ready prepared.

A pressure cooker will often cook a protein meal, prepared from fresh ingredients, faster than it takes to thaw a frozen meal.

Food combining is the true modern lifestyle, based on a real knowledge of what is healthy and valuable in our lives.

Where you do need the ready prepared meals, it is often easier to select a starch based meal. But beware of excessive fat in sauces and fillings.

Vegetarian options often permit you to keep most closely to the food combining diet, but always remember that this is not a strait-jacket. It is the balance of the diet over weeks, months and years that determines your overall health.

On the occasion where you require a ready prepared meal simply select a low fat and low sugar meal.