4.The good news about food combining - the golden rule : Food Combining Hay Diet

The full text of the book published by Bloomsbury. Author Peter Thomson

There is only one basic rule:

Don't mix starch foods with protein foods at the same meal.

Food Combining is the healthy diet for the 21st century.

Food Combining assumes that people should be mentally alert, physically fit, able to cope with stress and resistant to disease. It expects that this should be the natural state, without the intervention of the doctor or medicines.

Food Combining is a diet based on the observations and experience of people in the real world, not an attempt to force people into the straightjacket of untested theory. A long-term study of diet-related disease coordinated by the Institute of Nutrition in Rome identified the people of the village of Celso, on its hilltop, as those least likely to die of diet related disease. Most of their meals are based on home-made pasta, bread, soup, fruit, vegetables and olive oil, and include a glass of red wine. Protein is not normally eaten with their starch and vegetable based meals.

The scientific explanation of why Food Combining works starts with the real world. It starts with the observation that it is a diet that works! The scientist are slowly starting to explain just why food combining is such a successful diet.

There is only one way to put food combining to the test - try it!

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