7.Why the food combining lifestyle saves time : Food Combining Hay Diet

The full text of the book published by Bloomsbury. Author Peter Thomson

Many people say they rely on convenience foods because they have no time to prepare fresh foods, and it is true that the pace of life is faster nowadays. But in fact, cooking fresh vegetables and preparing fresh fruit often takes up less of our time than preparing so called convenience foods.

We probably have more time now than any of our ancestors have ever had. We work shorter hours - it is not so many years since a twelve-hour day was the norm - and we spend much more time on leisure pursuits, many of them, such as watching television, in our own homes.

Preparing our own meals is a satisfying and relaxing activity which can be shared by all members of the family. Children can help, especially with such tasks as shelling peas and beans, or scrubbing the skins of potatoes. And there are a great many meals which can be quickly prepared and then left to cook themselves. You will find many such recipes in this book.

Many people on low incomes have decided that their children need a parent at home or have more time because of their unemployment. For these, the Food Combining Lifestyle makes ideal use of their time, and is an excellent way to feed their families cheaply, nutritiously and healthily. Kitchen appliances, such as a pressure cooker and microwave oven, will help save money in the cooking, so these methods are recommended, but all the recipes can be used by those who do not have such appliances.

Time need be no bar to following the Food Combining Lifestyle, and it will have the great benefit of keeping you and your family fitter and more healthy. And this, in turn, will save time. Why spend your life suffering from minor - and major - ailments when you don't have to?

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