Author's introduction : Glutenfree


Author's introduction : Glutenfree

Gluten-free Cookery is published by Hodder and Stoughton,ISBN 0 340 78924 7 and can be purchased through most good book stores andhealth food stores.

It can also be purchased direct from the publisher, or from onlinebookstores.

New tests for the coeliac condition, and screening of sample groupsof people show that at least one in 300 people are affected, yet less thanone third have been diagnosed. Most of these undiagnosed cases are adults,with the condition often developing between the ages of 30 and 45 years.

Often the untreated condition results in 'being tired all the time' or muscleand bone pain, as well as the digestive problems usually linked to the condition.Relatives of coeliacs are ten times more likely to develop the condition.The condition is also linked to unexplained anaemia, thyroid disease, type1 diabetes, osteoporosis and unexplained neurological disease.

A blood test for the coeliac condition is now straightforward, but you mustbe tested before you try a gluten-free diet. There are also many more peoplewhose general health improves on a gluten-free diet even though they arenot strictly ‘coeliac’.

Up to one in every 300 people have adverse reactions or are allergicto gluten in food. These people find that their health and fitness improvedramatically when they avoid foods containing gluten from wheat, oats, ryeand barley; many others have been placed on a gluten-free diet by their doctorsto control skin rashes and a wide variety of other conditions.

Note that many of these people also react to soya - and that getsinto a very wide range of manufactured foods including chocolate bars.

Any digestive problem without an obvious cause, or persisting over severalweeks, months or longer should be considered as a possible adverse reactionto food. [ I have added this comment as my partner works in the gastro-intestinalward of a large hospital. Many patients with serious complications have neverhad this possibility assessed ]

This book describes how to use over 200 natural ingredients fora gluten-free diet, and gives over 200 recipes for using them in an every-daydiet.

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This book is dedicated to all our friends and members of the CoeliacSociety who have tested, tasted and contributed ideas for recipes.


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