64.Bread : Glutenfree

The full text of the book published by Hodder and Stoughton, updated.

Western style bread has developed to make the most of the propertiesof wheat flour. The wheat has also been selected over many years for improvedbread making.

Do not expect any gluten free bread to be an exact copy. Youcannot make soft, moist, white bread without wheat flour.

There are many other ways of making bread. A wide variety of flourswith better flavours and an improved nutritional balance are available.

Gluten free breads are best served fresh and hot. As the breadcools, the starch rapidly hardens, unlike wheat based bread which stays soft.

This hardness of cold gluten-free bread is not staleness - re-heating willsoften it again.

These gluten free breads do not go stale as quickly as wheat breadand these breads freeze well. Slice before freezing and serve by toastingslices straight from the freezer.

Gluten free bread mixtures do not have the same texture as wheatflour doughs unless they contain somthing like a pureed carrot or bananawhich help absorb liquid.

Gluten free bread mixtures need to be wet enough to make a stickybatter, slightly moister than wheat flour dough.

These mixtures cannot hold the Carbon dioxide gas produced by yeast.Bicarbonate of soda and tartaric acid still need to be added to the mixtureto help it rise.

The banana, carrot, apple, tofu or unsweetened tinned chestnutpureé is an essential part of these recipes and should be beaten toa smooth pureé with the milk and egg. This is best done in a liquidiser.

The flour mixture should then be folded into the pureé withas little extra mixing as possible. The structure of the dough forms as thewet and dry ingredients are mixed together. Do not overmix as this will knockthe gas out of the mixture and it will not raise the dough when it is cooked.Do not leave the wet dough to stand at this point or you will lose the lightstructure as the gas escapes. It must go straight into the oven to be cooked.

The sugar in these recipes reacts with the starch in cooking toimprove the texture but makes the bread slightly sweet.

Gluten free breads will seem drier, harder and have a darker texturethan wheat bread. They will have excellent nutritional value and offer youa variety of flavours.

Gluten-free bread flour from Dove's Farm has greatly improved gluten-freebread making at home. It contains some other ingredients that help producea reliable and good texture.

Try adding yeast to the dough, and placing it in a warm, 37 C , oven forthe dough to rise for an hour before turning up the heat to bake the bread.Don't move it or knock it back down!

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