Bubble and Squeak : Glutenfree


Bubble and Squeak : Glutenfree

This traditional lunch or supper dish makes excellent use of odds and ends of potato, vegetables and meat, all bound together with an egg and fried.

Quantities are not important, provided that there is some variety.

All the ingredients, except for the egg, should have been cooked beforehand.

Dice the cold meat and vegetables.

Allow one egg per person. Beat the eggs and then stir them into the cold meat and vegetables.

Fry over a moderate heat for ten to fifteen minutes, turning after five minutes.

Sprinkle with grated cheese and brown the top under the grill before serving.

If you have not sufficient left-overs for a bubble and squeak, make them into a soup with the addition of lentils to thicken it. Red lentils cook faster than green lentils. See the soups section.


Ingredients: Bubble and Squeak : Glutenfree


Instructions: Bubble and Squeak : Glutenfree