190.Elderflower Wine : Glutenfree

The full text of the book published by Hodder and Stoughton, updated.

Ingredients: to make 1 gallon of wine

1 bucket of elderflowers (flower stalks do not matter- this is a very approximate quantity )

1 oz / 25g citric acid

3 lbs / 1.3Kg sugar

1 pot of tea.

General purpose wine yeast and nutrient.

Simmer the flowers very gently in a gallon of water for 2 hours.

Strain the liquid into a clean wide mouthed container, preferably of glass or food grade plastic to use as a fermenting jar.

Transfer the liquid back into the pan and bring back to simmer.

Stir in 2lbs / 1Kg of sugar, continuing to stir until it has all dissolved.

Stir in the citric acid and pour in the liquid from the pot of tea.

Return the liquid to the fermenting jar and when it has cooled to 92°F / 37°C stir in the yeast and nutrient.

Cover the fermenting jar with a sheet of clean polythene (from an unused white carrier bag ) and secure with an elastic band.

Leave the jar close to a radiator or in a warm cupboard for the contents to ferment for a fortnight. If the contents are fermenting the polythene will be pushed up in a dome by the gas escaping round the edges.

After a fortnight's fermentation GRADUALLY stir in ½lb / 0.4Kg sugar. Replace the polythene cover and leave in a warm place to continue fermenting for another fortnight.

After a second fortnight's fermentation GRADUALLY stir in ½lb /0.4Kg sugar. Replace the polythene cover and leave in a warm place to continue fermenting. It can be left in this jar for up to a year before bottling the wine.

Decant the wines into clean wine bottles following the same instruction as for fruit wine.

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