192.Freezing : Glutenfree

The full text of the book published by Hodder and Stoughton, updated.

A large deep freeze greatly simplifies catering for a gluten free household.

Make sure that everything is well labelled. This particularly applies to anything that may not be gluten free.

If you have to buy grain and flour in bulk, keep all but your immediate needs in the deep freeze. Place the bags or boxes in which they are supplied within stronger polythene bags and keep them sealed. They will remain pest free and keep over a year in this way.

All the bread, rolls, scones, pancakes and cakes in this recipe book freeze well.

We devote a morning at a time to baking and always make quantities that will fill the oven. Anything that we do not want to eat that day is frozen as soon as it is cool.

Only rich fruit cakes and Christmas puddings are kept in a cool larder to mature.

This means that we always have a selection of baking available for our meals.

Stocks for soups and stews also freeze well, but it may help to boil them down to reduce the volume. We make use of large yogurt containers for holding these.

We grow many of our own vegetables and soft fruit. Much of the surplus is frozen until it is required.

Plain stewed fruit from the freezer has become a staple for breakfast or as a pudding in this household.

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