122.French Lemon Sponge Biscuits : Glutenfree

The full text of the book published by Hodder and Stoughton, updated.

Ingredients: makes 20 soft sponge biscuits

3 eggs

4 oz / 100g granulated sugar

2 oz / 50g rice flour

1 oz / 25g potato flour

1 oz / 25g ground almonds

1 lemon


Separate the eggs into white and yolk.

Mix the egg yolks with the sugar and beat until it forms a stiff paste.

Mix in the ground almonds, the rice and potato flour and the grated rind of the lemon.

Beat the egg whites until stiff and then fold this gently into the mixture.

Cover a baking tray with grease proof or non-stick baking parchment.

Spoon the mixture onto the paper.

Dust with sugar.


Preheated oven

gas mark 3 325°F 160°C

Bake for eight to ten minutes

Turn out onto a wire mesh and return to the oven, gas mark 1 for an hour.

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