36. Gluten-free tomato savoury bread 2018-06-03

I wanted a savoury bread to take for lunch while out walking

Ingredients for a savoury gluten free bread


Ingredients for two portions

1 medium carrot, chopped

1 medium apple, chopped

50 g of chopped mushrooms or 3 to 4 oz

100 g of chopped dried tomatoes or 6 oz

3 tablespoons or 45 ml rice flour

3 tablespoons or 45 ml fine corn meal

3 tablespoons or 45 ml tapioca flour

2 eggs

salt to taste

herbs to taste. I used fresh sage leaves.

1/2 teaspoon gluten-free raising agent


Place the carrot, apple, tomato, mushroom and herbs in a food processor and process briefly to mix well. We are not aiming for a paste.

Add the flour and eggs and mix, again not too long.

Finally add the raising agent and salt and mix, not too long.

Grease a bowl that will fit in your steamer or pressure cooker and place the mixture in the bowl.

Cover with a lid or clingfilm.

Now leave to stand for 30 minutes. This is important for the flour to absorb moisture.

Cooking Time:

I use a pressure cooker and steamed under high pressure for 30 minutes. Allow to cool before opening.

In an ordinary steamer it takes 90 minutes.

Serving suggestions:

Serve with a salad.


The gluten-free savoury bread mixture in a greased bowl - stand for 30 minutes before cooking


The gluten-free savoury bread after steaming for 45 minutes


The gluten-free savoury bread turned out onto a plate


The gluten-free savoury bread, cut in half to check the texture

...This got eaten beside the River Erme on Dartmor - at Erme Pound.