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Free from Gluten, recipes, Cookery and Lifestyle

I have to follow a gluten-free diet since being diagnosed as a celiac many years ago. When I was first diagnosed there was no clear and easily information available. I was asked to write a book to fill this gap. This book is still regarded as one of the best that explains how to cook for the coeliac diet. The second edition was sold in bookshops worldwide.

Sadly, no longer in print, but this Internet version is much easier to keep up to date!

Recipe: Gluten-free

Breakfast: My standard rice and dried fruit

Breakfasts - Muesli : Glutenfree

Kedgeree : Glutenfree

Rice and Ham : Glutenfree

Bacon and Egg Pizza : Glutenfree

Rissoles : Glutenfree

Fish Cakes : Glutenfree

Quinnoa Porridge : Glutenfree

Teff Porridge : Glutenfree

Other breakfasts : Glutenfree

Cheese Omelette : Glutenfree

Herb Omelette : Glutenfree

Italian Omelette : Glutenfree

Pizza in a Pan : Glutenfree

Other Quiches : Glutenfree

Potato Crust Quiche : Glutenfree

Liver and Bacon : Glutenfree

Cauliflower Cheese : Glutenfree

Tuna and Rice : Glutenfree

Corned Beef and Hash Browns - Canadian Style : Glutenfree

Savoury Ducks or Faggots : Glutenfree

Avocado and Cheese : Glutenfree

Deep Fried Mushrooms : Glutenfree

Grilled Grapefruit : Glutenfree

Making Stocks for Soups : Glutenfree

Tapioca Soup : Glutenfree

Scotch Broth : Glutenfree

Bacon and Lentil Soup : Glutenfree

Black Mushroom Soup : Glutenfree

Carrot Soup : Glutenfree

Beef Stew : Glutenfree

Beefburgers : Glutenfree

Minced Beef Pudding: A gluten free bread mixture that includes miced beef and herbs. 2018-06-01

Gluten-free tomato savoury bread 2018-06-03

Turkeyburgers : Glutenfree

Sausages : Glutenfree

Pork Sausages : Glutenfree

Turkey in Stilton Sauce and Rice Noodles : Glutenfree

Chili Con Carne : Glutenfree

Roasting Meat : Glutenfree

Roast Chicken : Glutenfree

Roast Turkey : Glutenfree

Stuffing : Glutenfree

Irish Stew : Glutenfree

Steak and Kidney Pie : Glutenfree

Chicken Hot Pot : Glutenfree

Chicken & Rice Pot Roast : Glutenfree

Chicken Kiev : Glutenfree

Chinese Chicken : Glutenfree

Tangy Liver : Glutenfree

 Curry and hot spice mixtures : Glutenfree

Mild Curry Powder - Garam Masala : Glutenfree

Sweet and Sour Sauce : Glutenfree

Chicken and Stilton : Glutenfree

Fish : Glutenfree

Herrings Baked in Foil : Glutenfree

Grilled Fish : Glutenfree

Deep fried fish : Glutenfree

Poached Fish : Glutenfree

Thai Salmon in a cup - hor mokpla salmon gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free added April 2018

Paella : Glutenfree

Bread : Glutenfree

Basic Bread : Glutenfree

Quick and Easy Flat Bread : Glutenfree

Carrot and Cheese FlatBread : Glutenfree

Potato Flat Bread : Glutenfree

Allmeal Bread : Glutenfree

Millet and Banana Bread : Glutenfree

Rice and Corn Bread : Glutenfree

Sorghum Bread : Glutenfree

Buckwheat Bread : Glutenfree

Quinnoa Bread : Glutenfree

Apple Bread Rolls : Glutenfree

Honey Loaf : Glutenfree

Egg Bread : Glutenfree

Millet and Sesame Crispbread : Glutenfree

Corn Crispbread : Glutenfree

Sorghum Crispbread : Glutenfree

Ground Rice and Buckwheat Crispbread : Glutenfree

Chestnut Crispbread : Glutenfree

Thin Buckwheat Pancakes : Glutenfree

Sweet Chestnut Pancakes : Glutenfree

Scots Pancakes - 2 : Glutenfree

Brown Buckwheat Scones : Glutenfree

Gluten-free Cakes andbuns : Glutenfree

Healthy  Fruit Cake : Glutenfree

A gluten-free chocolate cake recipe - new for 2018

A new gluten-free fruit cake recipe for April 2018

Thai Squash Pudding Kanom Fugtong gluten-free, dairy-free, soya-free. added April 2018

Ann's Sticky ChocolateCake. : Glutenfree

Eileen's Chocolate Hazelnut Gateau. : Glutenfree

Boiled Fruit Cake : Glutenfree

Gluten-free Pumkin and Apricot cake : Glutenfree

Banana Sponge Cake : Glutenfree

Sweet Chestnut SpongeCake : Glutenfree

Almond Sponge Cake : Glutenfree

Almond Lemon Cake Recipe: Gluten-free

Bataclan Almond SpongeCake : Glutenfree

Dundee Cake : Glutenfree

Mincemeat Cake : Glutenfree

Liqueur Cake : Glutenfree

White Icing: for an 8" / 20cm cake : Glutenfree

White Icing Recipe: Gluten-free

Butter-Cream Icing: for a single 8" / 20cm layer : Glutenfree

Butter-Cream Icing Recipe: Gluten-free

Gingerbread : Glutenfree

Sweet Chestnut Gingercake : Glutenfree

Sweet Chestnut Fruit Cake Recipe: Gluten-free

Margaret's Swiss Roll : Glutenfree

Sweetpotato Cake : Glutenfree

Christmas Cake Heather'srecipe : Glutenfree

Christmas Pudding : Glutenfree

Mince Pies : Glutenfree

Chocolate Fondue : Glutenfree

Macaroons : Glutenfree

Almond Biscuits : Glutenfree

Ginger Snaps : Glutenfree

Ginger Biscuits : Glutenfree

French Ginger SpongeBiscuits : Glutenfree

French Lemon Sponge Biscuits : Glutenfree

Rice Biscuits : Glutenfree

Shortbread : Glutenfree

Healthy Shortbread : Glutenfree

Chocolate Biscuits : Glutenfree

Peanut Biscuits : Glutenfree

Chocolate Fruit Slice : Glutenfree

Date and Apple Slice : Glutenfree

Apricot and Sesame Slice : Glutenfree

Coconut and Cherry Slices : Glutenfree

Coconut Macaroons : Glutenfree

Mum's Flapjack : Glutenfree

Meringues : Glutenfree

Baked Rice Pudding : Glutenfree

Sweet Rice Desserts : Glutenfree

Ground Rice Pudding : Glutenfree

Tapioca or Sago Pudding : Glutenfree

Apple Soufflé : Glutenfree

Danish Apple Pudding : Glutenfree

Chocolate Mousse : Glutenfree

Pavlova : Glutenfree

Sweet Chestnut Vacherin : Glutenfree

Chocolate Roll : Glutenfree

Sponge Pudding : Glutenfree

Cheesecake : Glutenfree

Fruit Crumble : Glutenfree

Pear and Ginger Trifle : Glutenfree

Almond Trifle : Glutenfree

Black Forest Trifle : Glutenfree

Sticky Chocolate Trifle : Glutenfree

Short Crust Potato Pastry : Glutenfree

Short Crust Pastry : Glutenfree

Apple Pie : Glutenfree

Pumpkin Pie : Glutenfree

Sunflower Pastry JamRoll : Glutenfree

Coleslaw : Glutenfree

Baked Potato / Sweet Potato / Yams : Glutenfree

Rice, millet, quinnoa : Glutenfree

Fresh Vegetables : Glutenfree

Vegetables - b : Glutenfree

Dried Peas and Beans : Glutenfree

Pease Pudding - gluten-free

Nut Loaf : Glutenfree

Dolmades : Glutenfree

 Falafel : Glutenfree

Leek and Orange Loaf : Glutenfree

Brown Gravy : Glutenfree

Simple White Sauce : Glutenfree

Bechamel Sauce : Glutenfree

Hollandaise Sauce : Glutenfree

Mayonnaise : Glutenfree

Indonesian Barbecue Sauce : Glutenfree

Garlic Butter : Glutenfree

Horseradish Sauce : Glutenfree

Sweet White Sauce : Glutenfree

Clear Jam Sauce : Glutenfree

Rich Custard : Glutenfree

Gooseberry and Strawberry Jam : Glutenfree

Plum Jam : Glutenfree

Green Tomato Chutney : Glutenfree

Almond Brittle : Glutenfree

Coffee Caramel : Glutenfree

Treacle Toffee : Glutenfree

Treacle Fudge : Glutenfree

Carrot Fudge : Glutenfree

Halva : Glutenfree

Marsh Mallow : Glutenfree

Fruit Wine : Glutenfree

Elderflower Wine : Glutenfree

Mulled Wine : Glutenfree

Freezing : Glutenfree

The Coeliac Condition : Glutenfree

Vitamins : Glutenfree