38.Sausages : Glutenfree

The full text of the book published by Hodder and Stoughton, updated.

Sausages are easy to make at home with equipment to fill the mixture into the skins. I have used the International King Chef Sausage Maker from Wrightway Marketing Ltd. Skins are available from good kitchen shops or by mail order from the same firm.

Cereals and binders are not necessary to produce a good sausage as fresh meat binds together very easily. However rice flour and an egg can be added to the sausage mix if this is desired.

Man made skins, or casings are easiest to use and do not require any washing or soaking.

Natural skins are stronger and produce a gently curved sausage but need to be soaked to soften them before they are filled.

Sausages need a fairly high fat content in order to remain moist on cooking. This can be added to the mixture in the form of pig's back fat or fresh beef suet (not packet suet), or minced belly pork can be used.

These sausages contain no preservatives and should be used fresh. Sausages can be frozen until required for use provided they have been made with fresh ingredients.

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