62. Thai Salmon in a cup - hor mokpla salmon gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free added April 2018

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Ingredients for 4 cups of steamed salmon curry:

4 portions of salmon without skin

1/2 table spoon red curry paste

50 ml coconut milk for the salmon mixture

plus 50 ml coconut milk for the topping

1 teaspoon of palm sugar or brown sugar

salt to taste

1 egg

Royal Thai basil

A couple of inner cabbage leaves

1 teaspoon of rice flour for the topping

garnish with strips of camphor leaf and sweet chillies


Dissolve the sugar in the coconut milk ( without warming it)

In a food processor blend 2 portions of salmon with half the coconut milk and the red curry paste and the egg.

Cut the other two portions of salmon into chunks and gently stir into the blended mixture.

Line each of 4 cups with cabbage and basil leaves, and then add the salmon mixture until cups are almost full.

Steam these cups of salmon for 30 minutes.

Now prepare the topping

Mix the 50 ml of coconut milk with a teaspoon of rice flour and cook over a low heat stirring continuously, then spread thinly over the steamed fish, and garnish with strips of camphor leaf and sweet chillies. And serve with steamed rice.

This method could be used for other fish