21.Tuna and Rice : Glutenfree

The full text of the book published by Hodder and Stoughton, updated.

Allow two ounces of long grain rice per person

Tuna is a very solid fish. One small tin may serve several people but the quantity per person can be varied to suit personal preferences.


Cover the rice with ½ a pint of water for each 2 oz portion.

I add 1 tablespoon of olive oil per person, and cook the rice until allthe water has been absorbed - it is a waste to use excess water and thendrain it.

White rice should be boiled for 20 minutes until soft but not disintegrating. Brown rice should be boiled for 40 minutes. The water in which the ricehas been boiled can be used to make sauces or soups if you use too much.

For a fluffy texture rinse the hot cooked rice well with boiling water.

Flake the tuna and mix with the hot cooked rice and serve immediately.

Serving suggestions:

Serve with a gluten free mayonnaise or a white sauce.


Many other cooked fish can be flaked and served in this way as alunch dish.

Try adding cooked peas or cooked sweetcorn to the dish.

Serve with Mushroom and Onion Sauce.