17.Gluten-free recipes for Feeding Children : Glutenfree

The full text of the book published by Hodder and Stoughton, updated.

No child under six months should be given any food containing gluten.

It is important that an older child is

NOT put on a gluten free diet before the diagnosis of the coeliac condition has been confirmed by a doctor. The change in diet may make diagnosis more difficult.

Recipes for the Coeliac Child

After the coeliac condition or wheat intolerance has been diagnosed you must ensure that

ALL food eaten by the child is gluten free.

The amount of fat and refined sugar should be restricted in the first month after diagnosis of the coeliac condition, as the lining of the intestines has to regrow in the absence of gluten before these can be fully absorbed.

Once a child with the coeliac condition is on a totally gluten free diet the child should be completely normal and healthy.

Six months to twelve months.

Salt and salty foods, as well as heavily spiced foods should be avoided, and the amount of sugar and fat should be kept to the minimum. Salt and sugar should not be added to foods.

The food should be presented in the form of a pureé at first, served lukewarm or cold, but always freshly prepared. When you see your baby starting to chew then small soft lumps of food can be included, but do not allow your baby to have hard, lumpy foods like peanuts, which might cause choking.

Do not give a baby too many different flavours at once, and give the pureé after the milk feed.