2.Introduction : Glutenfree

The full text of the book published by Hodder and Stoughton, updated.

This guide provides clear descriptions and suggestions for use of the wide range of tasty foods that can be enjoyed as part of a gluten free or wheat free diet.

It includes instructions for preparing and cooking a wide range of gluten free and wheat free meals and snacks, from bread and pancakes to Christmas pudding and party meals.

The gluten and wheat free diet using a wide range of ingredients is a very healthy diet. There is no need to cook separate meals for those who require this diet, simply provide it for everyone in the family. This philosophy works equally well for children's parties or for adult dinner parties. If you select the menu from the recipes in this book they won't know that food you serve is gluten and wheat free.

If you are preparing food for gluten free guests do reassure them that the recipes come from this book and they can eat freely of all that you serve.

A gluten free or wheat free diet is essential for health for many people. It is not a diet that can be given up or forgotten about for a short time.

I have to eat a gluten free diet as I suffer from the coeliac condition. I have enjoyed preparing this book and I hope that you enjoy following these recipes and eating these meals.

Peter Thomson