4.Where to buy the ingredients : Glutenfree

The full text of the book published by Hodder and Stoughton, updated.

Most ingredients can be found in your local supermarkets:


corn meal


rice flour

ground rice

flaked rice

pure rice noodles

ground almonds


all dried peas and beans

all dried fruit

ground and chopped nuts




all cooking oils


arrow root

all herbs

all pure spices

bicarbonate of soda

cream of tartar.

all fresh fruit and vegetables

tinned unsweetened chestnut pureé


Tartaric acid can be obtained from chemist shops.

Health food shops usually stock:

buckwheat flour

whole buckwheat for kasha

pea flour

dried banana chips

carob flour

wild rice

quinnoa grain


flaked millet

sesame seed

sweet chestnut flour


Foods that are worth a special order:

sticky rice flour

sago flour

tapioca flour

teff flour

yam flour

Sorghum flour, millet flour and gram flour are useful glutenfree flours for baking.

They are often available in shops specialising in food from Africa and Asia.

Store larger quantities of dry flour in a deep freeze, placingthe bag or packet inside a polythene bag and only remove smaller quantitiesas you need them. Dry flour will keep for a year or more in this way.

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