Walking in the Island of La Palma in the Canaries index

1.Walking in the Island of La Palma in the Canaries

La Palma is an excellent walking destination with well signed and well maintained footpaths.

The main feature of the island is a huge volcanic caldera with the walls rising up to 2426 m. The weather can vary a lot in a short distance, hot and dry on the coast, moist or wet in the lower forests, bright and clear above.


Panorama: The view from the top of the caldera at Pico de La Cruz down to the sea

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There many astronomical observatories to the north of the caldera rim where the air is clear and away from street lights.

Public transport is available, but not designed to get walkers to and from the best walks. A hire car can get you to the start of a walk much earlier in the day, and many walks. A group with two cars can manage the linear walks more easily. 

The path along the top of the Caldera, La Palma, Canaries.

Pilar an 8 mile loop through the volcanoes and pine forest. La Palma Island, Canaries

La Galga. Cave dwellings, tropical fruit and a jungle filled gorge, La Palma Island, Canaries. Circular 9 mile walk

Tigalate and the volcano trail. Circular walk, La Palma Island, Canaries

Church in the pine forest Virgin del Pino to the Caldera, La Palma Island, Canaries

St Pedro, La Palma, Canaries. 4 mile walk

Coastal resort and beach. Los Cancajos. La Palma Island, Canaries