Traceroute mapper

Run traceroute on your local machine, then paste the output into the text box below to map the route. Show example.

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Clear all data

Select a key from

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Paste the text from the results of your traceroute into the box below.

How to interpret the results

Locations shown in the centre of a country are not actually there. Only the country is given.

Not all routers are set to give the correct location. They may simply give the default country of manufacture and have never been set

More often routers give no geographic locations so that they cannot be mapped - for security

Routers on internal networks are not mapped.


Traceroute instructions for a range of OS

Linux: traceroute -q1 | xclip -sel clip

Mac: traceroute -q1 | pbcopy

Windows: tracert | clip


This script uses localStorage within your browser to store your key between sessions. It is not sent to the server

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