2.Author's introduction Recipe: Low Fat, Low Sugar


Healthy low-fat, low-sugar cookery, suitable for diabetics

Healthy low-fat, low-sugar cookery is the modern handbook for all those who need to follow this diet.

It is suitable for diabetics and for those at risk of diabetes. Practical and easy-to-use, it contains all you need to know about this diet in one volume.

We all follow diets best when we understand what we are trying to do, and know how to modify our diet to cope with changing situations.

This book provides a full explanation of:

  • The nutritional principles and scientific evidence linking low-fat, low-sugar diets with good health, ideal weight and increased vitality.
  • Diets for people at all stages of life, including pregnancy, babies, toddlers, children, healthy adults and 60-plus.
  • Comprehensive analysis of hundreds of ingredients from protein and starch percentages to energy levels and fibre content.
  • Mouthwatering and nutritious recipes and menus - from packed lunches to entertaining.
  • Sensible and down-to-earth recommendations, from food for the family, children's parties and entertaining on a budget, to special occasions.
If you think you are at risk from diabetes, or have already developed the condition, you should follow this diet under the guidance of your doctor or nutritionist. This book is not a substitute for up-to-date medical advice or medication advised by your doctor.