61.Dieting for weight loss Recipe: Low Fat, Low Sugar


Do not try to lose weight rapidly except under medical supervision. Rapid weight loss can result in an even greater imbalance of the body's metabolism and can have some nasty side-effects.

Aim to lose weight gently. Set a target of months rather than weeks or days and adopt a regime that you know you can keep to. A weight loss of 1 lb a week is probably better than 2 lb a week, but don't try to lose more.

We will assume you are obtaining sufficient exercise (because weight loss without exercise results in loss of protein from muscle - your body will keep the fat!) Aim to build up from a minimum of three twenty minute periods of exercise each week to at least three thirty minute periods a week, and if possible a thirty minute exercise period every day.

We will also assume that you have removed cakes, biscuits, crisps, fried food and fatty meat from your diet. If you haven‘t yet, don't cut out all your favourite unhealthy foods at one go, reduce them slowly so that you can adjust to the change more easily. And don't cut out fat altogether. At least 20% of your energy should come from fat such as olive oil and oily fish.

You should also be allowing yourself only one measure of wine per day (maximum) with your main meal.

Cut all fat and sugar spreads to the absolute minimum, with a small amount of butter or jam on your bread.

For breakfast eat fresh, non-starchy fruit, such as apples, pears, oranges rather than fruit juice. Let your own appetite govern how much to eat, but don't go on eating them for the rest of the morning. Drink water whenever you are thirsty, or weak tea. Don't be tempted to snack mid morning but wait till lunch time for a starchy meal. Baked potato (eat the skins!) and salad with a thin dressing of olive oil is ideal - but don't soak the potato in butter or other spreads or oils. Brown rice with a mushroom sauce is another tasty alternative. Whole meal bread is excellent if you can resist the temptation to cover it with butter or other spreads.- why not try it with a green salad and a thin dressing of olive oil again? But do select a wide variety of meals. A narrow range of ingredients cannot provide a healthy diet.

For your evening meal select a low fat meat or fish - an oily fish such as herring won't do you any harm - and eat with plenty of green vegetables. If you are still hungry fill up with those green vegetables.

Every day you can follow this diet will help! Don't give up just because you don't manage the diet every day or every meal. Nobody is that perfect!

Remember when your weight is approaching that new desirable weight you must stick to your diet to keep it there. It's a diet you can stick with because it's easy to follow and uses healthy ingredients.