255.Serving fruit Recipe: Low Fat, Low Sugar


Fresh fruit make excellent breakfasts and lunches or snacks.

Many traditional recipes spoil the nutritional value of fruit by adding excessive amounts of sugar, in pavlova, vacherin, or as a sugar syrup. Or excessive amounts of fat when served in pastry, or in fruit fools or ice cream.

Most fruit should be served when ripe with only their own juice.

Fruit that are slightly sour can be served with low-fat yogurt, rather than having sugar added.

Fruit to be served hot are best cooked in a microwave oven, where no extra water need be added.

Fruit can also be served sauteed in a little butter.

Fruit salads can be served with the fruit thinly sliced or cubed. When a melon has been used, the fruit salad can be returned to the scooped out melon shell when served.