56.Toddlers to school age Recipe: Low Fat, Low Sugar


Young children need concentrated sources of energy in their food. Whole milk rather than reduced fat milk should be given to children aged 1 to 5 years.

From the age of 1 year most children can eat a very similar diet to adults. You should still not add salt or extra sugar to their food.

Try to base their meals on a breakfast of starch and fruit, a lunch of starch and vegetables, and an evening meal of protein, starch and vegetables.

Do not feed them added fibre or high fibre cereals. The extra fibre will fill them up without nourishing them, and will interfere with the uptake of minerals from their food. Whole grain rice, whole-meal bread, potatoes in their skins and fresh fruit and vegetables will provide plenty of fibre.

Food should not be smothered in extra fat, but neither should it be removed from their diet. It is still an important source of energy and fat soluble vitamins.