4.Is there Life on Mars?

Is there Life on Mars?

How much evidence do you need in order to be convinced?
This is part of image m0804688
Latitude -82.02°
Longitude 284.38°
Resolution * 6.79 meters/pixel

The top most plant is about 1km in diameter!. Like all plants that depend on sunlight for their energy, the surface is dark to absorb the suns energy.
Some patches of branches have lost their sunlight trapping surfaces, and the bare skeletal framework of branches is visible. Note that these onlybranch from the centre, they don't form a network.

Further down the photo the plants grow more closely together, and cover the ground surface. These vegetation covered surfaces are typical of this part of Mars, and the soft contours contrast markedly with the sharp, clear images of rock, crater and dunes of the equatorial Mars surface.

It is this photo that finally convinced me that the dark, plant like structures in many photos really are some form of vegetation.

The South Polar region of Mars has returned many images that are far more easily explained as forms of life, than complex geophysics.

Here are a few for you to make up your own mind:

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