5.14 yr old Moderated discussion and help for gluten free, coeliac, celiac, wheat allergies or intolerance, Cookery and recipes part 2

14 yr old: from Peter on 2009-04-26

The first question is how were all these things diagnosed?

After a person who reacts badly to gluten stops eating any gluten, recovery can be fairly rapid. However the sensitivity to a trace of gluten can go up dramatically , and in the worst cases can result in anaphalactic shock.
After a much longer period on a gluten-free diet the sensitivity can start to decline, but the gluten-free diet should be maintained indefinitely.

So yes, a trace of gluten in sauce could cause this effect.
(But note that 14 year old boys are particularly bad at sticking to diets away from home until they realise just how important it is to stick to the diet

14 yr old: from tracy on 2010-02-09

the only way to improve mood swings is to avoid 100\% gluten containing foods.

i suffer terribly when i have even the smallest amount so i think im hyper sensative.

it always helps to have people around that are supportive when an alllergy reaction occurs. dealing with it alone is hard to cope with.