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4 month old baby and gluten: from kathryn on 2007-02-20

I have just started to wean my 4 month old dd. She has had poor skin from birth and now has eczema on her cheeks and forehead. I gave her some infant porridge the other day and a few hours later she developed a rash around her mouth and chin where the porridge had been in contact. I noticed that the packet said it contained gluten and cows milk. Is this an allergy or intolerance? How should I investigate this further?

4 month old baby and gluten: from kath on 2008-04-03

i have since found out i am cealiac and i have the same thing with my baby doctors said she allegic to heat just get tests done , ask the doctors we tested all our children one is cealiac we thought he was jus sick from asthma turns out he allergic to heaps of stuff since birth was very sick all the time

4 month old baby and gluten: from Candice on 2009-11-21

I am so glad i found this sight.. I have just had my 4th baby and found that everytime i ate something homemade like slice or cupcakes he would be up all night screaming.. I baked a few things myself to experiment to see what it could be in the recipe and could only come up with self raising flour.. I did suspect it could be gluten so i tried the same recipe with a gluten free flour and he still screamed all night.. I spoke to older mothers around me and none of them could understand it.. But i know something was upsetting him.. So after reading some of these stories i know i am not going crazy and i feel as though it does make sense now.. I reckon its the wheat .. Thanx to the original person that posted the question and to all of you that answered it.. It certainly has helped me and I am sure many others