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4 month old baby: from on 2003-03-21

Hi, My dd is 4 months and since birth has suffered with painfull wind and stomach cramps. My health visitor and GP put it down to colic bit things are getting worse not better. I have always been concerned that it was something more than ' wind ' as she is in so much pain and passes wind constantly from both ends. She is breastfed (no solids yet) and i am wondering if gluten can be passed on in breastmilk as i am starting to think it may be gluten that is upsetting her. I dont really know much about this, so does anyone have any advice? Can i have tests done? Should i follow a gluten free diet? How is celiac disease diagnosed and treated in babies?

Your help would be much appriciated.


Claire. xx

Re: 4 month old baby: from Lyn on 2003-03-22

It seems that breast feeding can be away of stopping children developing CD so you are probably doing the best thing by feeding your daughter yourself.

Re: 4 month old baby: from Peter on 2003-03-25

Gluten allergy normally only appears when a baby starts eating solids and fails to thrive. A baby should not be fed any gluten containing food in the first 6 months.

It would certainly be unusual for a baby to react to mother's milk because the mother was eating gluten. If your baby is not thriving, then you should consult your doctor for further advice

4 month old baby and gluten: from kathryn on 2007-02-20

I have just started to wean my 4 month old dd. She has had poor skin from birth and now has eczema on her cheeks and forehead. I gave her some infant porridge the other day and a few hours later she developed a rash around her mouth and chin where the porridge had been in contact. I noticed that the packet said it contained gluten and cows milk. Is this an allergy or intolerance? How should I investigate this further?

4 month old baby: from Penny on 2007-12-14

Check your let down reflex. Does your baby pull away from the breast? Sometimes, as babies grow older, they don't latch as well because they don't have too. Milk supply is well established and sometimes all they have to do is open their mouth and swallow. Two problems with that though 1) they swallow air 2) they get too much fore-milk

4 month old baby and gluten: from kath on 2008-04-03

i have since found out i am cealiac and i have the same thing with my baby doctors said she allegic to heat just get tests done , ask the doctors we tested all our children one is cealiac we thought he was jus sick from asthma turns out he allergic to heaps of stuff since birth was very sick all the time

4 month old baby and gluten: from Candice on 2009-11-21

I am so glad i found this sight.. I have just had my 4th baby and found that everytime i ate something homemade like slice or cupcakes he would be up all night screaming.. I baked a few things myself to experiment to see what it could be in the recipe and could only come up with self raising flour.. I did suspect it could be gluten so i tried the same recipe with a gluten free flour and he still screamed all night.. I spoke to older mothers around me and none of them could understand it.. But i know something was upsetting him.. So after reading some of these stories i know i am not going crazy and i feel as though it does make sense now.. I reckon its the wheat .. Thanx to the original person that posted the question and to all of you that answered it.. It certainly has helped me and I am sure many others

Re: 4 month old baby: from Katherine on 2010-08-10

My four month old breastfed son has had bad eczema & very dry skin since he was about three weeks old.

I also discovered yesterday that he has not grown at all in the last month.

Last week a naturopath suggested I avoid gluten products. I have done this for the last five days and have been astonished at the result. His eczema, which we have battled with trying all sorts of remedies is almost gone! There is no other explanation, he has to be gluten intolerant. The only other thing I have done is taken extra zinc supplements. Not only has the eczema nearly gone, his skin is actually soft and smooth, prior to this it was like sandpaper! I am so thrilled at this result.

Gluten intolerance can also slow growth & weight gain significantly so I'm very hopeful that over the coming weeks we will see him gaining weight and growing again

4 month old baby: from Mumoftwoboys on 2012-05-21

Hi, if I were you I would cut out gluten from your diet. I did when my baby was 7 months old and after months of what was diagnosed as reflux, he's hardly sick or in pain at all now. I wish I'd done more research when he was a couple of months old! He's now almost 1 and we are both still happily following a gluten free diet. I know in order to diagnose coeliacs, the subject has to be on a full gluten diet for six weeks before drs can run the blood tests. If that comes back positive a referral is made for a camera into the gut to assess the state of it and whatever damage there is