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alcohol: from alison on 2006-12-11

can anyone tell me, can alcohol affect my bowel if im coeliac, i drink white wine or vodka?

alcohol: from Peter on 2007-01-25

A small proportion of coeliacs will find that they remain sensitive to alcohol and other irritants. If you find that you have a raw burning sensation inside your digestive system after drinking alcohol, or the following morning, but not on other occasions, then the best solution is to avoid alcohol and stick to the fruit juices.

alcohol: from richard l-j on 2007-04-21

where can i buy gluten free beer in south London?

alcohol: from suzanne kavanagh on 2007-04-27

can you please specify what alcohol beverages you can consume when you are ceoliac?

alcohol: from Peter on 2007-04-27

Avoid beers and lagers made from barley. barley drinks, cloudy lemonade, ginger beer.

You can drink grape wines, cider, and distilled spirits made from grapes.

Remember that your digestive system takes time to heal, and may remain slightly damaged. Limit your alcohol intake to prevent further damage.

alcohol: from Helen on 2007-06-12

if i'm really sensitive to gluten can gin(made with wheat mash i think) still make me ill?

alcohol: from Peter on 2007-06-12

Gin which has been double distilled shouldn't contain enough residue from the grain to make you ill.

However if you feel that you are reacting to something in the gin - possibly from the added flavourings - then there are plenty of spirits distilled from grape wine that you could drink instead.

alcohol: from Kay Dennis on 2007-08-31

I have just been diagnosed as Gluten Intolerant and my favourite drink is wisky and American Ginger Ale - could this one of the things that is upsetting me?

alcohol: from Peter on 2007-08-31

Whisky can irritate a digestive system already irritated by alcohol. Best to avoid it for a couple of months and then try again.

Some brands of ginger ale do include gluten - avoid these.

alcohol: from sasha on 2007-09-21

I have been searching on the internet forever. I know that ciders are gluten free, but are they wheat free as well? Hubbys birthday saturday and would love to go out and have a few drinks at the pub. Any advice would be great:)