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alcohol: from Katherine on 2007-09-26


Have you got suggestions for someone who is both yeast and wheat intolerant?

alcohol: from Richard on 2008-02-09

I do seem to re-act to any grain based drink, does anyone know somewhere i can get a list of grain based alcohols? It is rather irritating to make a mistake with a drink and then spend days recovering.

Asda do gluten-free largers, there a bit more sickly than normal largers but acceptible.

And does anyone know anywhere in the uk to get cheapish nice vodka, i cant cope with the grain based ones

alcohol: from Louise on 2008-03-26

Would Southern Comfort be ok as its distilled?

I'm newly diagnosed so still feeling my way, but I've never had a reaction to SC in the past so I'm hopeful that it will be ok

alcohol: from David on 2009-01-14

Hi I discovered about five years ago that I suffered from Gluten allergy, and the alcohol I have settled on via real trial and error is rum! It's made from sugar cane and doesn’t contain any of the enzymes which can be used even in some ciders and wines!

From my experience, and I am even really sensitive to distilled alcohol such a s Vodka, but I'm fine with Captain Morgan rum.

Cider which is also gluten free isWatson’s cider, as far as I am aware all their range is clearly labelled with the suitable for celiac so enjoy!

alcohol: from sally hendrix on 2009-05-26

i have been drinking cider as it is gluten and wheat free.but have just discovered it contains sulphites,which i am also allergic to.abd they tend to contain a lot of sweetners.hope that helps you

alcohol: from sue on 2009-09-20

How can you drink Vodka, most are made with high grade wheat?

I cannot drink much at all anymore, am looking for something that

does not give anaphalixis shock? I am also alergic to sulphur, my face burns, swells and breathing is affected!

but every now and again I like to have a drink. Have you tried Chopin Vodka. I am looking for some

alcohol: from sue on 2009-09-20

You bet! Check out your intolerance to yeast as well. I think found in

ginger ale.

Whisky is made with grain

alcohol: from sue on 2009-09-20

Have you any ideas for me. Am celiac and have noticed that I can drink if bottle has been opened for awhile.

I am highly sensitive to sulphur

alcohol: from Trevor on 2010-02-06

Tesco Old Kent Road. £2.79 for 500ml. 4.8\%vol. Not bad taste.Bit bitter but

nice with a splash of lemonade. Taste different I suppose like most gluten-free


alcohol: from Holden on 2010-07-13

I am intensely allergic to wheat/gluten for 3 years now. Unlike others who've said they can consume "triple-distilled" vodkas without a reaction, I cannot. (Facial hives and three to four days of intestinal sickness upon the simplest doses.) I've found that I may drink Chopin Vodka, Ciroc Vodka and Smirnoff Vodka--including all flavors--without getting sick whatsoever. Best of luck to the only people who can understand what we go through