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any advice for a new mom dealing with celiac: from on 2004-10-05

I'm an 18 who has recently became pregnant with celiac. i was wondering if any1 had any advice in keeping the baby healthly. i have heard many bad stories of miscarriges so im kinda scared. if any1 has any advice that they think will be useful please respond thankyou

Re: any advice for a new mom dealing with celiac: from on 2004-12-08

Get on a gluten fre diet and stick to it. Don't fudge a bit. Even a small amount of gluten can cause autoammuine reactions . On the gluten free diet you should be fine.. Be sure and have the baby tested as early as you can. Probably when it gets on solid food in case it has the gene marker for celiacs. I think all children should be tested at an early age. I never knew about gluten sensitivity till it just about killed my husband and untill my son got diabetes. I only wish I'd known earlier

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