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Australian Coeliac Food: from Jessica on 2005-07-23

Does anyone know of sweets and chocolate in australia that is gluten and wheat free? and also is glucose syprup from wheat gluten free?


Australian Coeliac Food: from Wilbert on 2005-08-19


Ive staid several month in Australia and ive noticed that there is a lot of stuff voor coeliacs.

Even the chips in a boc, cant recal the name is gluten free.

Look for gluten free products on the web and you have a world of products to choose from. You can even buy fresh bread in the super markets like Coles.

I love that country only for that ;)


Wilbert from Holland

Australian Coeliac Food: from william gibson on 2006-10-25

is all chocolate safe to eat if not which one is safe
thank you.

Australian Coeliac Food: from Noreen on 2007-09-08

Cadbuy and Nestle in Australia are gluten free as long as there is no centres etc .

Lollies you can buy gluten free but are expensive

Australian Coeliac Food: from Sarah on 2009-03-28

There are lots of cheaper lollies that are gluten and wheat free, have a look at the sugar free brands and mentos use glucose from corn. You just have to read the packets. My favouirte though is an expensive licorice labelled gluten and wheat free the company that make it also do lots of pasta, Orgran