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Austria Mayrhofen eating out: from Peter on 2010-01-12

We booked with Inghams, and stayed in one of their snow houses. We were very pleased with the quality of the accommodation and the gluten-free breakfast. Gluten free Schar roles, jam, a selection of cheese and wurst.

Eating out in Mayrhofen is easy, but we are a little restricted by our gluten-free diet.

Our highest recommendation is the Grillkuchl, A-6290 Mayrhofen. They took the trouble to understand our dietary requirements, served two meals between three of us, and hot water without charging for it. Thankyou for some excellent meals.

The Kramerwirt Hotel also served excellent food with some low price options, and served hot water without charge. Again thankyou for an excellent meal.

The restaurant Edelwiess served us our hot water to drink - but then charged us 4.2 Euros for two cups of hot water. Very big black mark there!

We sat down in the Neue Post Hotel, 400 Hauptstrasse Mayrhofen, but the non smoking part of the restaurant was very smokey, and they wouldn't serve tap water with a meal, hot or cold, so we walked out.
I do take a laminated card with my dietary requirements in English and German