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Autism autistic: from elise on 2006-02-19

My son has been diagnosed border line autistic since 18 months. now at 4 yrs 10 months, after divorce, crazy life and reading about his illness i'm beginnig to believe that diet plays an important role. he is twin. his brother ate vitamins from birth. ian zero. i'm just now getting him to take vitamins.....now after reading about gluten in diet i see that Ian has all along had suffered from food alergies... he has asthma too. this gluten free stuff seems to me unbelieveable....every food product in our supermarkets contains "junk" ... note i have just read Jane Goodals Harvest for Hope.....just another eye opener about our food supply and animal rights.

where do you start. i have co-worker that suffered from celiac disease. so i have learned some things from her.

i need a receipt book to begin with....which is the easiest to use and do...i cannot cook at all. no time....both boys are very picky eaters...

this is an emotional issue too. i see my son suffer and it kills me. and, on the other hand, his fits are probably reactions to food he eats and i suffer! any help appreciated.

mother of twin member. st louis mo