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Re baby and diet changes: from wendy on 2006-08-20

My son who is now 7mths has always cried most of the day and will only sleep for 20mins in the day spends the rest of it moaning and crying,when he dose go to bed in the evening he wakes up anything from 5 to 15 times a night crying.He had bad colic as a baby and would cry sometimes for hours on end,He isnt a happy little boy after his tea almost everyday he crys and screams and then he is sick and it comes out of his nose as well and he has also started to do it after breakfast,i have taken him to my gp and got told its because hes teething,ive spoken to my health vistor got told to give him his tea no later than 4pm which i have and makes no difference.I was wondering if its gulten that is making him so unhappy.

Re baby and diet changes: from Peter on 2006-08-21


There is always a possibility that your son is reacting to somthing in his food.
This could be in the milk, or in the solids you are now feeding him.
For one meal just give water to drink, and some banana. Observe if this makes any difference. Try some meals again with no milk or dairy products, just a gluten-free baby food and water to drink, and again observe if there is any change in his behaviour.
If your son is much better after a meal without milk or when you have ensured that the food is gluten-free you should go back to your gp and ask for a referal to a specialist on food allergy.

Re: baby and diet changes: from Peter on 2007-02-20


You need to take your consult with your doctor. A rash where the skin has been in contact with food may indicate a problem, particularly if the baby is showing discomfort in the stomach after the meal.
Until you have seen the doctor it would be wise to avoid feeding any gluten.

Re: baby and diet changes: from w on 2007-03-11

Can anyone help. I have a 10 month baby who is still breastfed and was introduced to solids at 6months. I have not introduced formula into his diet because we have a history of mild lactose intolerance in our family - wind generating. He has always been colicky, and would poo only once a week whilst he was only breastfed. Since introduction of solids he is now suffering from trapped wind so terrible that he wakes at about midnight and struggles to settle after this. Constipation, however, is easing. Could be crawling or thhe introduction of a little fruit juice in his water. He also struggles to sleep during the day. Constantly arching his back and screaming/ fighting. I have not introduced him to wheat/dairy although he has been having oat porridge for breakfast. I have been on a wheat/dairy diet in the past and this does suit me athough I would not describe myself as wheat intolerant. Recently exhaustion has made me v lax. I have been eating bread more than I should. Also, I have soy milk in my diet which can be an allergen. Could my breastmilk still be impacting him at this age when I have reduced feeds to 5 a day?? We are all desperate with sleep deprivation!!! His homeopath is struggling to help. He has had lots of cranial work.

Re: baby and diet changes: from Peter on 2007-03-11

The first thing to do is to make sure that there are no medical problems with a full examination by a medical doctor who specialises in children of this age. Talk to the doctor of your concerns.

There have been cases where allergens are passed to the baby in the mothers breast milk, but this is usually apparent through failure to thrive in the first month.

Not all babies follow the pattern of sleeping when expected. Fighting this can make matters worse. Sometimes the only option is for you to sleep when the baby sleeps, and be active when the baby is active, and through gentle and slow encouragement bring the babies sleep pattern round to match that of our society.

Re: baby and diet changes: from Fiona Moverley on 2007-03-19

My baby had this too from birth and at four months old i staopped all dairy in my diet and breast feed and her systoms got better and eventually the docs put her on formula dairy free milk she is now seven months old and the last three months have been bliss and different baby since she has not had dairy.

just a thought for you to try.

Good luck

Re: baby and diet changes: from on 2007-03-22


my son, 9 weeks old has got silent reflux. Staretd showing signes at his 3 week of age. We were dairy free sinnce his 4th week and there was a little improvement.He s on 0.85 twice a day zantac and gaviscon. Now we started with gluten free diet. Does anyone know how long does it take to see if that was gluten making him sick?

Has anyone cured their baby reflux with a diet? Can gluten intolerance make them constipated with stinky gas? Can gluten intolerance baby look pale when refluxy? Thank you all for your answers. Take care.

Re: baby and diet changes: from Michaela on 2007-04-03

My son is 5 months old and exclusively breastfed.Over the past two months he has developed severe excema over most of his body. In addition, he is weighed weekly and, although he is putting on weight, it is going on very slowly with some weeks showing no gain at all. After speaking with my gp and health visitor I decided to start weaning him on fruits and veg four weeks ago. This did little for his weight and so last weekend we decided to try and give him some formula in a syringe (as he won't take a bottle). Within a couple of minutes his face was scarlet and covered in hives and his lips and cheeks were swollen.

From everything I have read on the internet, this would appear to be consistent with a dairy allergy (rather than an intolerance). I have therefore cut out dairy from my diet but one week on and his excema shows little sign of improvement and he has still not gained weight this week.

Since birth he has been sick after each feed, often several times. We have been prescribed Gaviscon but it made little difference. He doesn't seem to suffer with the tummy cramps or toilet problems that I have read about associated with colic.

We have now been told to get as many calories into him as possible made up from protein and fat, obviously avoiding dairy. Apart from Avocado, has anyone any suggestions??

Do these symptoms seem consistent with food allergies?

Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks very much.

Re: baby and diet changes: from Peter on 2007-04-03

This does seem a case for an urgent referral to the specialist Paediatrician and Dietician.

A food allergy is certainly a possibility, with some component of the formula milk a possibility.

Gluten in your diet is also a potential substance that can transfer through breast milk and cause a problem for your baby.

The Paediatrician would be able to suggest some prescription feeds designed for this situation, that can also help to identify the problem.

Re: baby and diet changes: from Peter on 2007-07-07

It is normally recommended that gluten containing foods are not given to young babies, and the introduction of gluten into the diet should be delayed if there are problems with any other food.
Goats milk can be useful where there is a problem with cows milk.
If the problem persists your pediatrician may be able to refer you to a dietician who can discuss with you all aspects of your babies diet.